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Chalk Paint

I’ve been researching the best way to refinish a fun little end table I came across recently and had been toying with the idea of sanding and re-staining the entire piece. A darker more modern stain might be just what this table needs to stand out in a room, yet for some reason that just wasn’t exciting enough for me.  Instead, I decided to paint it, however instead of regular paint, I’m going to experiment using chalk paint.  Today I purchased my first can of chalk paint and decided on Annie Sloan’s ‘Paris Grey’ for the table.  It was a tough decision because as many of you know that are familiar with this kind of paint, it’s expensive!  I have seen several different ‘recipes’ for making my own version of chalk paint, however since this is the first time I’m really working with it, the ‘real’ thing might be the best bet. FullSizeRender copy There are many discussions online about different techniques, types, applications, distresses, and more regarding this type of paint.  Frankly I’m a little overwhelmed, and wondering if I can really pull this off.  I’m excited to test it out, but first, just to make things a little more complicated, I have to finish the top of the table. Before painting the first coat of Paris Grey, I am staining just the top of the table a dark walnut stain. I can’t wait to share my pictures once it’s done!  Do you have any chalk paint advice for me?  Any and all advice is welcome!

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