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A little more grey…

After just finishing my second end table, also painted in Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey Chalk Paint, I am amazed at just how far this paint has gone!  At first glance, I was worried that one quart of paint wouldn’t be enough for my first piece, but it has now successfully covered two end tables with multiple coats and I have enough paint to do at least one more!  My teeny tiny can of clear wax, also by Annie Sloan, is also showing promise with a little less than half left!  The paint, so far, after just a couple small projects has overall impressed me.  Here are a couple photos of my second end table.  I almost missed this cute mid century piece at my favorite local thrift store and I’m so glad I decided to grab it!  I love its detail on the front and the original hardware really pops with the beautiful light grey color.

With this table, I began to experiment with the paint a bit.  On my first project, I struggled with the thickness of the paint and had trouble getting an even coat everywhere.  After researching chalk painting tips, I learned the trick of thinning out the paint.  I filled a plastic cup up with water and barely dipped the end of the brush into the water.  Then I dipped the slightly wet brush into the paint and amazingly, the paint covered so much easier.  I did have to keep an eye out for drips and therefore tried to limit the amount of water I used as I was painting.  This trick really helped bring a much smoother, even finish to the table, that I don’t think I would have seen otherwise.

Slowly, I’m getting the hang of this chalk paint thing.  Can’t wait to try some of Annie’s other colors!



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