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A little bit of blue

I came back this past week with quite a table.  I found this table for almost nothing at my favorite thrift store in town.  The lines on this table remind me of the 1960s…something my grandparents would have had in their family room.  The side cut outs were what caught my eye first in the store and really what make this table stand out from the others.

As I mentioned before, I got it for almost nothing.  I thought I was getting the deal of the century, yet as I loaded it into my car, and gave it a closer inspection, I realized I was in for a bigger job that I had imagined.  It was in rough shape to say the least.  In fact, it was in such rough shape that I didn’t even take a before picture to show you all….there’s no need to remember the ‘before’ with this table!

In order to revive this sad little mid century table, it first needed a deep, deep cleaning. After cleaning I sanded and repaired the table.  I then could finally start the painting process.  I chose Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue chalk paint for this table.  I thought a deep blue would be just what this table needed to give it a ‘fresh’ look.  The transformation was amazing to me!  To finish off this unique table, I applied both clear and dark waxes by Annie Sloan.  No one that saw the before of this table can imagine just how different it appeared even after one coat of paint!  Annie Sloan gave this table new life!

Mid Century Modern End Table – Painted in Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue Finished with Sloan’s Dark and Clear Waxes.

If you’d like to see more photos of this table, visit us here!

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