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Some Vintage Finds

I love wandering through our local thrift shop.  They accept donations everyday which means that literally I never know what I will find when I enter.  Today, I decided to go on one of their busiest days.  The shop was packed with volunteers, families, furniture dealers, designers, all searching for the amazing vintage find.  It’s easy, when the shop is bustling and multiple people are eyeing the same antique chair, to get caught up in the moment and buy too many items, or buy them at too high of a price.  I have to enter with a huge amount of discipline to make sure I stick to my budget and only buy the pieces that truly pop out to me.  During today’s visit, I found a variety of wooden pieces that are just screaming for a new finish and home.

One of my favorite finds today is this small dresser and nightstand.

Mid Century Small Dresser and Nightstand
Mid Century Small Dresser and Nightstand

These tables were very sturdy and could easily be used as a nightstand, small dresser, or end tables.  The recessed hardware was what really caught my eye with these pieces.  I would love to highlight the original hardware on these by painting them in a dark blue or charcoal chalk paint.

Another mid century find that stood out to me today was this amazing long dresser.  This dresser was a bit worn, but the drawers were still really solid.  I was pleasantly surprised to find more interior drawers hiding behind the center cabinet.  The only part I didn’t love about this was the attached mirror.  I don’t mind mirrors with dressers, yet this one was uninteresting to me.  I would probably detach this during the repair and sanding process just to give this piece more options.  Without the mirror, in addition to being an important bedroom piece, this could also shine in the dining room as a buffet, or the baby’s nursery as a dresser and changing table.

Mid Century Dresser / Buffet with hidden interior drawers.
Mid Century Dresser / Buffet with hidden interior drawers.

I also spotted a few exciting upholstery projects during my shop visit today.

Set of Italian Dining Chairs
Set of Italian Dining Chairs

These dining chairs were solid, yet the fabric was just falling off.  They could be the perfect seating in a formal dining room, or split up as side chairs in someone’s home.  I would love to paint the frames of these chairs a dark color, possibly black or charcoal and pair that with a fresh, fun, more modern fabric.

FullSizeRender (5)Another upholstery project I found was a somewhat traditional armchair and ottoman. This set was in amazingly great condition.  The wood frame was flawless and the fabric still looked fresh, yet I thought a more contemporary fabric might give this traditional chair a bit of an edge.  This chair, however would be a big undertaking for me, and the price was still a little high.  This is one that I will have to keep an eye on and wait for the price to drop before I tackle it.

Today’s visit gave me some great inspiration.  I’m excited to start my next vintage transformation and give one of these pieces a new life!  Check our Etsy page soon to see the ‘after’ pictures of some of these pieces!  What are some of your favorite vintage finds?  Share them with me!

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