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Sneak Peek! Kent-Coffey Coming Soon!

I have been hard at work restyling my vintage highboy.  This piece is part of the ‘Impact’ Collection by Kent-Coffey.  You can see before pictures of this amazing piece here in a previous blog post.  If you read my posting about this dresser, you will know that after finding this at a thrift store, I was a little daunted with how to clean it up.  It really looked great just as we found it in the store.  I almost thought about just cleaning it up and listing it as is.  Yet, I felt I needed to do more than just that for this 1950s dresser.  It had and still has so much style, I really wanted to showcase its sleek lines yet at the same time give it a fresh updated look.

The top of this piece is a solid wood veneer, which had the most ‘bumps and bruises’ overall.  I knew this top needed some love but with the wood composite I unfortunately couldn’t sand and stain it, like I love to do.  After cleaning it up, I lightly sanded it just to remove the shiny clear coat off the dresser and then began to paint it.  I chose a new color, well a new color for me, from Annie Sloan called Pure White.  I love the way it looks and feels on this dresser.  It now has such a creamy, smooth finish and the top looks brand new again!  IMG_3529

After painting the frame of the dresser, I then began to work on the drawers.  Unlike the top of the dresser, the drawers are made of beautiful solid wood.  I chose to sand them down to freshen up the face of each and give it a slightly more modern finish.  As I sanded them, I began to love how the top border of each drawer played off the lighter sanded wood.  Now all these drawers need is a good wood conditioner, some natural color stain and a clear coat to finish them.


Can you picture how this piece will look all put together?  I truly love this dresser and will be so sad to see it leave!  If there was a spot in my house to keep it, I would!  Not only is it a true vintage mid century piece, but it’s a quality one as well.  Just look at this listing from a popular furniture store, West Elm.  They are selling this similar style dresser for just under $1000.  Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.19.08 PMWest Elm has always been a favorite store of mine, yet as I work more and more with furniture I realize that so many vintage pieces exceed brand new ones in quality.

Stay tuned for an ‘after’ picture of this vintage dresser.  We are in the final stages and can’t wait to share it with you here as well as at our shop!  Visit us today for other vintage pieces as well as new shutter styles!

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