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Five Friday Furniture Favorites

Friday is finally here!  What a long week this has been as the kids are getting used to school and the weather is starting to shift towards fall.  In order to celebrate my favorite day of the week, I wanted to start something new here on our blog, I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite finds on Fridays.  I am always shopping for other vintage furniture and love coming across a really inspiring ‘new’ piece.  Some pieces that you’ll see here are truly still vintage while others have already been given some fresh paint, new stain and/or hardware, giving them new life while maintaining their vintage charm.  Many of the favorites I post here are currently for sale while others may already be displayed nicely in their new home.   Either way, I hope sharing some of these vintage pieces gives you some inspiration either to look for your own vintage favorites or revive something you already have in your home.

  1. Mid Century Ellipse Highboy – My first favorite this week won’t be a shock to you if you are familiar with our shop.  I am in love with the two tone look on furniture in any color, but the look of a fresh, bright white paint against newly refinished wood stain is by far one of my favorites.  I recently refurbished a mid century highboy with a similar idea in mind.  This highboy, painted and refinished by Revitalized Artistry, really
    Mid Century Highboy by RevitalizedArtistry
    Mid Century Highboy by RevitalizedArtistry

    caught my eye.  The bright white paint highlights all the amazing wood detail in this vintage dresser, which would be an amazing piece in a bedroom, entryway or home office. I’m so impressed with this dresser!

2. Steel Blue Antique Buffet – Blue is one of my favorite colors.  As you can see, two of my five favorites today are painted in shades of blue. This one, painted in a steel blue, really stood out to me.  The blue is almost an icy color which stands out against the rich, dark stained top of this piece.

Antique Steel Blue Buffet by TRWpainted
Antique Steel Blue Buffet by TRWpainted

The details on the doors of this vintage buffet as well as its hardware really make this piece special. This piece, refinished by TRWpainted is sadly sold, yet they offer many other beautifully refinished pieces in their shop.

3. Kent-Coffey Highboy – I came across this piece awhile back and can’t seem to stop thinking about it!  It can be found at Etsy’s WoodBrassClass shop and is being sold in its current condition, which in my mind, is perfect.  I am calling it a Kent-Coffey highboy in my title, as is the seller, even though it doesn’t have Kent-Coffey’s signature mark on the inside of the piece.  I do agree, however, that this looks like and most likely is a real

Kent-Coffey Highboy by WoodBrassClass
Kent-Coffey Highboy by WoodBrassClass

Kent-Coffey.  It has such similar detail as other pieces from this mid century company, that it just has to be a part of the ‘KC family.’  This piece looks amazing unfinished, but would also pop in your living space with a little refinishing.  Would you change anything about it?

4.  Bright Blue Small Dresser – This piece is sure to be the highlight of any room in your home.  It would brighten up a nursery, bedroom, or other living space with its fresh bright blue paint.  This small dresser by DakotaLaneChicago is just one of their many amazing vintage pieces.  This shop has

Bright Blue Dresser by DakotaLaneChicago
Bright Blue Dresser by DakotaLaneChicago

been impressing me for quite awhile and this piece, although small, would make a large statement in any living space.

5.  Mid-Century Walnut Dresser – This piece just screams “Mad Men” to me and reminds me of my grandparent’s home.  Their decor was classic mid century modern

Mid Century Walnut Dresser by VintageSupplyLA
Mid Century Walnut Dresser by VintageSupplyLA

and this dresser or credenza would have fit right into their home.  The refinishing on this dresser, by VintageSupplyLA is absolutely gorgeous.  Whether your entire home reflects this mid century style or you only have a piece with this look, this dresser will shine for years to come in your home.


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