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Five Friday Furniture Favorites

It’s the second week of our Friday Favorite post and I’m excited to share this week’s finds!  This week I am still focusing on dressers and buffets, however I promise to add a little more variety in upcoming weeks.  These pieces, all found on Etsy, really caught my eye this week for many different reasons.  All of these vintage dressers are currently available and you’ll notice that there is a repeat shop mentioned in today’s posting.  Let’s get started with the favorites!

  1.  White French Provincial Dresser – I love the style and look of french provincial furniture.  I have been dying to work on one in my own shop, but have yet to find the perfect piece.  This one, with its fresh white paint, gives the dresser a clean look and the beautiful original hardware really pops.  This piece,
    White French Provincial Dresser
    White French Provincial Dresser

    refinished by MaryBethsPlace shows just what a difference a little paint can do on a vintage piece of furniture.  It truly looks brand new and ready to fit perfectly in someone’s bedroom, nursery or other living space.

  2. Milo Baughman Style Highboy – This piece, originally by Lane Furniture, represents the classic mid century modern style.  The sleek lines and chrome details really give it that
    Milo Baughman Style Highboy
    Milo Baughman Style Highboy

    1950s edge.  The piece itself appears to be in amazing condition and can be found at NeatoVintage.  This shop, located in Chicago, offers not only vintage furniture but also amazing retro accessories for the home.  Another amazing piece at Neato is a beautifully reupholstered mid century sofa attributed to Paul McCobb.

  3. “Carnival” Top Buffet – Here is another piece from one of my favorite shops on Etsy, TRWPainted!  I just featured their amazing steel blue antique buffet last week but once I spotted the top on this
    Carnival Top Buffet
    Carnival Top Buffet

    piece, I couldn’t stop looking at it!  I love a stained top paired with fresh paint and this two tone stained ‘carnival’ top is absolutely striking and creative.  This shop clearly has some talented artists as they continue to impress me with each item they list!

  4. French Blue Highboy – I always hesitate with distressed furniture.  I know it’s a popular look with many, but from my perspective it can occasionally look forced or fake.  If I am searching for something with a distressed finish or need to distress a piece myself, I really want to make sure it looks ‘naturally’ distressed.  The piece should look like the paint chipped over the years instead of just being sanded
    Distressed French Blue Highboy Dresser
    Distressed French Blue Highboy Dresser

    off a week ago.  This highboy, painted in a french blue, by RedBarnEstates, really achieves that ‘natural distressed’ look that is so important to me!  The light shade of blue, the beautiful hardware and the ever so subtle chipping of paint makes this dresser stand out among the rest.

  5. Bright White Midcentury Highboy – I love the bright, fresh look of this vintage, midcentury modern dresser.  Updated by VintageFreshShop, this clean, white highboy really will turn heads in any living space.  The polished brass hardware glistens against the white paint.  This shop has been a favorite of mine for awhile now.
    Bright White Midcentury Highboy
    Bright White Midcentury Highboy

    The color combinations they create for furniture pieces demonstrate their impeccable style and creativity.  You’ll notice their shop doesn’t have a ton of pieces available at the moment…that’s how popular they are!


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