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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

I have been in constant search lately for the perfect antique mirrors.  I am attempting to finish a wall of mirrors in our home to help brighten up an otherwise dark hallway.  We are hoping it looks similar to this amazing collage of mirrors I found on Pinterestwall mirror collageOur own ‘mirror wall’ still has a long way to go before it’s done or looks even close to this one.  I’m hoping to create a nice combination of both amazing vintage mirrors of varying sizes alongside some newer, rustic mirrors.  oval antique mirrorMirrors, really nice, quality, vintage, mirrors can be fairly difficult to find as there are just so many different styles out there and it seems they never go out of style. They can be a staple in someone’s home for years or decades and still look amazing on the wall.  This most likely explains why they can be so expensive when purchased new! Throughout this post you’ll see some photos that have inspired our own project.  6-Two-Coats-of-Grey-Close-Up-640x427I’m trying to be patient, however, and wait to find the mirrors that really catch my eye when I visit my favorite thrift shops.  Each time I visit I scour the racks and other possible spots in the shop for something to pop out, yet many times it’s not quite the right quality, size or style for our space.  When I do find the perfect mirror I usually turn to my favorite paint, ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) to give it new life and a pop of color.  provence mirrorThis paint is a little pricey, but you’ll see that one can of it really goes a long way.  It’s so easy to use and depending on the techniques you use when finishing the project the same color can have several different final looks.  ascpAll you need to do is clean the mirror really well, especially if it’s coming from a thrift shop and tape off the glass edges. If your mirror is really curvy or difficult to tape, just tape off the straight edges.  Don’t worry too much about the open edges, as a razor blade will get extra paint off the glass with no problem. If you are worried about brush strokes, although with this kind of paint, that’s rarely a problem, you can also try spray paint.  Amy Howard also has an amazing line of colors and many options of spray paint as well.  Someday soon, we will finish this wall and I can’t wait to post it here when it’s finally done!  Here’s hoping it can be this elegant! wall mirror collage2

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