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Five Friday Furniture Faves

Today is Friday, which would usually bring everyone reason to celebrate, however today’s Friday feels a bit off…mainly because of the date…today’s also September 11th. It’s so hard to go through this day every year without returning to where you were the moment you heard the awful news.  It’s so hard to continue with your daily routine as you think about what happened 14 years ago and just how much it has changed our entire world.  This day hits me hard every year.  I automatically think of all the people I was surrounded by on this day and want to reach out to them – even if we haven’t seen each other in years – because they are a part of this sad memory for me – we shared this day together.  I hope you all can reflect today a little bit and hopefully find a bit of peace, but I know how hard and odd feeling this day is every year – the feelings just don’t change for me even after 14 years.

Although it’s a tough day, I wanted to post a short ‘Friday Favorites’.  Hopefully one of my fave furniture finds this week will lighten your day a little bit.

  1. Jade Green Dresser/Changing Table – I love the bold color of this Harmony House dresser and can’t take my eyes off its retro hardware!  This dresser comes from a favorite shop of mine on Etsy which I have been following for awjade green dresserhile now – loveandvintagebymlr.  I love the bright color choices for many of their refurbished pieces, but this one is by far the most striking!

2. ‘Old White’ Table – This table is small but so fresh and clean and truly given new life.   I love all of the old white table blue egg brown nestartist’s work behind this table and am a regular reader of her blog – Blue Egg Brown Nest. She is so talented and I have learned so much about furniture painting from her!

3. Sparkly Gray Buffet – This buffet is such a show stopper!  I love how the crystal hardware pops against the charcoal gray paint.  This beautiful piece was given new life byfuncycled gray buffet Funcycled.  They have many creative and truly ‘upcycled’ pieces as well as tutorials on their website.

4.  ‘Paint’ Accent Chair – I am in love with all upholstery and am slowly trying to learn the trade. Chairloom has consistently wowed me with their fabric choices and overall amazing pieces.  This accent chair has truly been given a second chance at life with the fluffy cushions and bold fabric.  full_Chairloom-PierreFrey-Paint

5.  ‘American Beauty’ Antique Chair – This antique chair is so gorgeous and once again refinished and upholstered by Chairloom.  I love the fabric choice and this style of chair is so old, yet so classic, it would shine in any living space.  full_Chairloom_BA-ClientCarved-JRfD

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