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How to Pick Out Decorative Shutter Hardware

In a previous post, we discussed how installing shutters can increase the curb appeal of your home. In today’s post, we take that thought a step further and delve into picking out ornamental hardware for shutters.

The main types of shutter hardware include: holdbacks, clavos, strap hinges, and L-hinges.

  1. Holdbacks are typically S-shaped hooks that appear as though they are holding the shutter open (against the wall). They are also known as “tie-backs” and sometimes referred to as “shutter dogs”. The holdbacks are usually attached to the bottom corner of the shutter. The ones pictured here add an authentic colonial style appearance. S-shaped hooks are available from


  1. Clavos are decorative nail heads that give the shutters an interesting, rustic look. They are installed by drilling a hole in the shutter and threading in the clavo by hand. Clavos are available in different sizes (1/2 – 1″ diameter is common), but they are normally made of metal and the typical color is matte black. Photo courtesy of Grove Job Shop.


3. Strap hinges are typically attached to the center of the battens on a “board and batten” shutter. (Battens are the horizontal elements on “board and batten” shutters). Other designs include mounting strap hinges at the top and bottom of the shutter. Here are a few examples from

strap hinge board and batten shutters4u.comtop bottom strap hinges shutters 4u

4. L-shaped hinges can be decorative or functional but are more understated than the strap hines. The L-shaped bracket attaches to the back of the shutter (see picture from and is only visible if the shutter is closed.

L- shaped hinge

The other side of the hinge attaches to the frame around the window. See picture below from The hinges come with different offsets depending on the type of construction (masonry vs, siding, etc.).

Hinged shutters Larson shutter companies

We hope this introduction into common shutter hardware options will help you add character and detail to the exterior of your home.

If you are interested in handmade shutters, feel free to visit our shop.

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