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Thrift Store Scores

I have a favorite shop I routinely visit each week to find new pieces and inspiration.  This shop is only open a few days each week and never open in the evenings.  I try and visit at least once or twice before the weekend and then on Saturday send my husband in for final approval and pick up of my favorite items.  This can be a little tricky, however, as I regularly shop with two out of my three children.  My five year old has become an expert at spotting pieces that he thinks I might like, while my youngest, who just turned two this week, if she’s not ‘contained’ to a cart, weaves in and out of the furniture displays, squealing with delight.  Obviously my biggest concern when shopping there is if there will be any carts left – on busy days it’s more competitive to get a cart than to score a deal!

When shopping here and any other thrift shop, I always have my camera on hand.  This is my way to document what I saw, look at it later and decide if I want to go back for it.  Was it worth it?  Will it come down in price?  Should I wait a week, or will someone grab it before then?  These are all questions that run through my head as I’m shopping/chasing my kids through the store.  If it’s a day with no carts, I’m left to run by each piece and snap a fast, blurry picture before continuing to chase my youngest through the store.

Here are a few blurry pics of my favorite finds from this week.


I love the curves on this highboy dresser and hope to also grab its matching low dresser.  Both pieces are in need of some serious TLC, but have some great potential.  The hardware on this dresser is so unique – a little freshening up would really make this piece pop.

IMG_3888       FullSizeRender (16)

I have been searching high and low for similar pieces to our graphite highboy dresser we refinished this past summer.  So many of our customers have asked us if we had any other pieces similar to this original one.  I’m hoping one of these pieces will interest them!   Both of these pieces have inner drawers in the top half of the piece along with spacious bottom drawers for tons of storage.


This china hutch is massive – but such a quality piece.  I would love to work on this one, but still debating the size of it.  I love that the shelves in the hutch are solid wood – I’m so used to seeing china cabinets with glass shelves, which drives me crazy.  The wood looks so much classier and is so much more practical than glass.

What piece to work on first?  It’s a tough decision – might need to go back tomorrow (find a cart) and check out these pieces again!


Grove Job Shop


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