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Woodworking for the Soul

It’s winter in the Midwest. We just got a few more inches of snow and the temperature is struggling to make it into the double digits. Somedays this makes it a little harder to venture out to the shop to work on custom shutter orders. However, I feel rejuvenated with each positive review and satisfied customer.


It’s usually dark when I start working. It’s either in the morning before anyone is really up or after the kids go to bed. I turn the lights on, close the shop door, and turn the music on. When I’m working I get in a rhythm, talk to myself, and lose track of time. There is something therapeutic about creating something by hand. While focusing on the next cut or squaring up the assembly – I forget about the problems of the day.





Opening our Etsy shop has allowed me to develop my woodworking skills. I am always trying to learn new techniques that will help improve the quality of our products. I am an engineer so finding a better (and easier !) way to do something is constantly on my mind.

Board and batten shutters are not incredibly complex, but I think  it is their simple beauty that makes them so appealing.  I pick through the cedar stock at the lumberyard to select the best material for the order. I always spend extra time identifying the straightest, smoothest boards. For a painted order, I typically look for boards with few knots. However, a stained shutter can highlight the character of cedar and a few tight knots will really enhance the overall beauty of the shutters.

I take pride in the shutters I build. It makes me feel good to exceed my customers’ expectations and contribute to their visions.  My sense of accomplishment from designing and building something that improves a home’s curb appeal enhances my mood.  These are the feelings that drive me to continue my efforts.




Check out some of our creations at our shop. It’s time to get to work.







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