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How to Find the Perfect Hardware

The right hardware can really make or break the overall appeal of a piece of furniture. When refinishing a vintage piece my first step is deciding whether or not to keep the original hardware.  Keeping with the original is almost always my first preference. Vintage hardware can be so much more unique, impressively detailed and sturdier than many ‘modern’ pulls or knobs of today.  I love finding a piece with cool retro pulls that add to the overall look.  When I find this, I know right away that after a clean up this hardware will shine against the fresh finish of the furniture.

There are some pieces, however, that just need a new look.  Either their original hardware is in horrible shape, or there’s just nothing cute about the current knobs and pulls.  I then start to shop around a bit for the perfect hardware.  This can take some time and can easily bust your budget depending on where you shop.

When looking for new hardware, specifically drawer pulls, it’s important to measure first! Remember to measure the distance between holes on drawers, no need to measure the hardware itself.  Remember when working with vintage furniture it’s very common to have original hardware which was installed at a width that is tough to find in stores today.  When this happens, new holes may have to be drilled, and old holes patched.

Shopping for the perfect pulls and knobs is fun but can get a little pricey depending on where you look.  I have two favorite spots to search first and both are pricey.  I usually look to these ‘fancier’ places just to get my initial inspiration.  My first favorite spot is Anthropologie.  This store with so many cute, vintage inspired home décor pieces as well as gorgeous jewelry and clothing, it has long been a favorite of mine.  They also offer a huge selection of unique hardware.  When I was planning out this post, I knew I wanted to include some of my favorite Anthro knobs – yet realized quickly as I was saving the photos, that they are all my ‘favorites’.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the above slideshow, you’ll see just a few of the knobs available at Anthropologie.  Each of them so unique, they would create such a cool, fresh look on any vintage piece of furniture.  I love the adorable Count to Six knobs – they would look so cute in a nursery or child’s bedroom.  Here, however, is where the budget can get busted, unfortunately.  All of this hardware featured above runs anywhere from $8 – $18 for knobs and $10-$26 for pulls. At these price points you could easily end up spending more on hardware than you did on the furniture itself!  Yet, each of these pieces are so classy, almost like jewelry for the piece of furniture you’re transforming.  Choosing one of these would really give your piece the ‘Wow’ factor you might be looking for – for a price.

Another favorite spot for inspiration is Restoration Hardware.  We all know, just by the name of this store, that hardware is their specialty.  Therefore, it’s not surprising to hear that they have an impressive collection of classic hardware.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Each of these pieces come in a variety of finishes, making it so much easier to find the look you’re after, but once again these come at a price.  These pieces start at about $9.50 and run up to $20 each.

If you’re making over a small accent table or nightstand which only needs one or two, then these options might be perfect to complete the look.  Yet, if you’re working on a nine drawer dresser or buffet, the price tag is going to get high.

Lower cost options can be found at any of the large home improvement stores near you, such as Home Depot or Menards. Take these out of the package at the store and feel them to check their quality before purchasing.  Finding a similar knob or pull at one of these stores can save you a significant amount of money.

There are also several places online to look for the perfect hardware for your piece. Dlawless hardware has an impressive variety of knobs and pulls with several vintage styles as well.  Checking out Etsy is of course always a great idea as well!  Many Etsy sellers offer gorgeous vintage pulls or knobs that might be a perfect match for the piece you’re transforming.

13thStreetEmporium on Etsy offers these vintage french provincial drawer pulls

So many options when shopping for the perfect piece of ‘jewelry’ for your furniture.  What will you choose?

mix of knobs anthro


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